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March 3, 2016

Can't believe it's been almost 2 years since the last blog. I'll try to get you more news in the music business. That way it will keep you updated to what is going on. Today we will look at Spotify. They have become one of our biggest partners thru our distribution labels that we been working in the past few years. Hopefully this article will give you an insight. How Spotify actually works.


In 2010, data journalist and information designer David McCandless published an infographic on his Information is Beautiful website showing how much musicians earned from sales and streams of their music.

It caused quite a stir within the music industry. Which even then was debating waht the emergence of streaming services like SPOTIFY would mean for artist. In 2015, that debate is still going on and it's even more heated. Now McCandless has created a new version of the infographic, updated for 2015.

As before, it digs in to stats from various digital music companies, from the likes of Bandcamp, iTunes and Amazon that sell music, to streaming services: Spotify, Deezer, Apple's Beats Music, Rhapsody, Youtube and Tidal. Besides calculations for how much an artist can expect to earn from a single sale or stream, the infographic shows how many of those sales or streams they'd need to earn the US monthly minimum wage of $1,260.

Some important caveats: these numbers apply to performing musicians, but they do not include publishing royalties for the songwriting. Plus, the most important factor in how much an artist signed to a label earns is the terms of their contract: some have good, fair deals. Others... less so.

Averaging that out is also the reason why the figures here may not match those announced by the streaming services. For example, Spotify says that its average payout for a stream to labels and publishers is between $.006 and $.0084 but information is beautiful suggests that the average payment to an artist from the label portion of that is $.001128 - this being what a signed artist receives after the label's share.

Finally, the per-play figures for streaming service can be misleading, as they depend on how many (or few) users the service has. Beats may pay more per-stream than Spotify, but that's because it has relatively few users.

Artists will be making a lot more money in aggregate from Spotify, and if Beats' user numbers grow, its per-stream payouts will come down. So this graphic isn't proof that one service is better for artists than another, in that sense.

Information is Beautiful has included a metric of "users per play needed" – the little dots at the bottom right of each circle – to reflect this. Even so, it's a great conversation-starter. Next we will look at the Royalty Payout per Streaming Hit.


The Streaming Price Bible – Spotify, YouTube and What 1 Million Plays Means to You!

If the services at the top of the list like Nokia, Google Play and Xbox Music can pay more per play, why can’t the services at the bottom of the list like Spotify and YouTube?

We’ll give you a hint, the less streams/plays there are the more each play pays. The more plays there are the less each stream/play pays. Tell us again about how these services will scale. Looking at this data it seems pretty clear that the larger the service get’s, the less artists are paid per stream.

So do you think streaming royalty rates are really going to increase as these services “scale”? No, we didn’t either.


We’ve been waiting for someone to send us this kind of data. This info was provided anonymously by an indie label (we were provided screenshots but anonymized this info to a spreadsheet). Through the cooperative and collaborative efforts of artists such as Zoe Keating and The Cynical Musician we hope to build more data sets for musicians to compare real world numbers.

In our on going quest for openness and transparency on what artists are actually getting paid we’d love to hear from our readers if their numbers and experience are consistent with these numbers below. At the very least, these numbers should be the starting point of larger conversations for artists to share their information with each other.


Remember, no music = no business.

For whatever reason there appear to be a lot of unmonetized views in the aggregate. So let’s just focus on the plays earning 100% of the revenue pool in the blue set. These are videos where the uploader retains 100% of the rights in the video including the music, the publishing and the video content itself.

We understand that people reading this may report other numbers, and that’s the point. There is no openness or transparency from either Spotify or YouTube on what type of revenue artists can expect to earn and under what specific conditions. So until these services provide openness and transparency to musicians and creators, “sharing” this type of data is going to be the best we’re going to be able to do as Eat Bay Ray Comments in his interview with NPR.

As we’re now in a world where you need you need a million of anything to be meaningful here’s a benchmark of where YouTube ranks against Spotify.


As a partner with MERVILTON RECORDS since 2011 when we first got started we are about to approach our 10 million Audio Streaming Hits. Which is a huge accomplishment. But we only could do this with your help. And that's how we will get notice from the top labels. When they look at us like Universal is doing. Like to personally thank you for all your hard efforts. I just can't thank you enough.


May 22 , 2014

It has been a fairly active and as always interesting two months in the music industry world on several fronts. The most significant news, of course, was the breakup of the Island / Def Jam Music Group into three separate stand-alone labels; Island, Def Jam, and Motown. Steve Bartels who was the former President of Island is now CEO of Def Jam. In addition, Kyambo “Hip Hop” Joshua and No I.D. are now co-heads of A&R at Def Jam. Meanwhile Mercury President David Massey assumes the Presidency of Island. The label will be adding marketing and A&R personnel to the label’s staff. Motown is now a stand-alone label with Ethiopia Habtemariam becoming President.

SONY’s Epic label has announced Sylvia Rhone has become President. Also joining Epic is Aaron ReidJojo Brim becomes the new GM of the relaunched LaFace. SONY’s Columbia has added Greg Linn as Sr. VP A&R. Meanwhile over in the UK, SONY appoints Jason Illey as the new MD. RCA-UK adds Joe Iddison as an A&R Consultant and Neil Hughes as GM. Also over in the UK, Alex Beaten joins Island’s A&R Team. Warner Bros. adds three new A&R Executives to its West Coast office; Michael Howe, Jack Minihan and Kate Craig. Michael Howe joins Warner Bros. from Capitol. Exiting their A&R positions are Darrale Jones from Def Jam, Terrence Nelson from Interscope, Paul Gargano from Century Media, Keir Fullerton from Capitol-UK, Joe Kentish from Mercury and Joanna Wilson from EMI Classics.

Veteran A&R Executive Karen Kwak is promoted to Ex. VP A&R – Universal Music Group, a far more expansive scope to her A&R duties within the entire Universal Music Group. Domino opens a West Coast office while Glassnote-LA and Motown-LA move into the Capitol Tower.  Oscar Mazzola has recently joined forces with Bob Knight at Music Sales, and will be pitching and quoting for all media sectors (Ads, Film, TV, Trailers, Games) and can be reached in their Santa Monica office. Taryn Haight is the newly hired Director of Dance Marketing & Artist Relations at Warner Bros. Records and is joined by Lauren Lipsay who joins as Manager of Dance Marketing. Former SVP Rock Formats at Republic, Dennis Blair, returns to the RCA Records label as SVP Promotion. Republic Records has also announced that SVP Promotion and Artist Development David Nathan will move to Big Label Machine Group where he will serve as an executive intermediary between the two companies. BMI has reported that SVP of Corporate Strategy, Communication and New Media, Richard Conlon is leaving the company and former Music Week Deputy News Editor, Tina Hart, has joined as Executive of Writer/Publisher Relations in Europe. And Motown has appointed Myisha Brooks as VP of Creative Relations & Marketing.  Of course as always, the new A&R Registry(or one of our other directories)has everyone's new location, addresses and contact information.

            Shifting gears from the A&R world to the world of must-attend events, be sure to register for the upcoming 2nd Annual Sync Summit – September 8-9, 2014. You can find more information and register at  We're also happy to announce that once again this year we're a Partner Organization for USA Songwriting Competition. Previous winners have signed recording contracts, had their songs placed in film, TV as well as gotten cuts with major artists and hit the Billboard charts. The current winner hit #1 on the Billboard Charts! Advance your music career with this great org:


May 14 , 2014

Hello again, it's been a way since the last blog news. But alot has happen. We just partner up with 'BELIEVE DIGITAL' in January by late Feburary we partner up with one of the biggest music firms, 'SUGO MUSIC GROUP'. Right after that we are now working with a top A&R Rep from Sony BMG. Who has connections with Warner Music Group and Interscope Records. By sometime in August/September we plan on partner up with someone that can submit one song to over 100,000 DJ Pools and Radio Mall. We also plan on getting a new list for looking up for managers, and booking agetns. We have dropped two distribution companies, 'AWAL' and 'Distrophinx'. As we weren't happy with their service. As they provided miniumum support at best. These two distribution companies, 'BELIEVE DIGITAL and SUGO' provided a great support to our artist. With SUGO and T J C Communications Publishing BMI. You will get two music publishing companies backing and supporting your works. We will also be advertising your music thru social media in 50 social media websites including Twitter and Facebook. We are working on some more news coming up. We will be tweaking your songs for Mastering if it's needed. Working on a press kit and modifying your CD artwork to meet the requirements of SUGO. Then we will be registering your songs with BMI/ASCAP. Like to wish you all a great summer. Be back to meet with all of you again.


November 27 , 2013

As we look at the end of this coming year. We have alot of surprises coming up for 2014. The first and the biggest is our partnership with 'BELIEVE DIGITAL'. We had been going after them since 2010. They are the world's largest distribution company in the world. They now have 22 offices thru out the world. With over 14,000 artist that they represent in many types of genre of music.

They are the biggest partner for YOUTUBE with over 1 Billion Views. They just hired a new person to take over the company 'Shane German' formerly with Soundexchange. They primarly work with labels with over 20 artist. Nothing like opening the New Year. With a bang! ! ! We are also working on some new things. That we will be introducing by the end of next month or the month after. As we are still working out the details.

October 12 , 2013

Nothing like packing and moving your belogings and move close to about 1,000 miles. When I moved on July 4th from New Bedford to North Carolina. There are alot of things to keep in mind and consider.

1. Tell everyone that you work with that your moving.

2. Make sure to backup all your data on your computer or server.

3. Have a plan that everything will go right.

Once I arrived to North Carolina. Found out that the server had crashed, my main external drive was missing and my Outlook email messaging system crash as well losing about over 1000 important emails. Needless to say it set me back 6 months. It's like a band losing a drummer and then hiring a new drummer and going over 40+ songs. It kinda sets you back a bit. Since then we lost a distribution company, 'AWAL'. It's too bad nobody likes to lose anything especially a distribution company like them. But live goes on and we joined a great distribution company that has a partnership with VEVO and SONY MUSIC UNLIMITED. That's huge to us. And we are now looking to partner up with one of the biggest distribution companies that has access to 3000 music outlets. That's really big. Places like Target, Walmart, FYE, and Best Buy. The thing that we try to do is to partner up with alot of companies as possible. We do have companies that we have to stay away from. Alot of them bring bad business. So we have to do our due diligence. We are hoping to partner up with some more companies by the end of this year. If you like to know what we been doing. Check out our other blog sites like eblogger.


April 8 , 2013

What a busy month finally we signed off with 'Mervilton Records' from Manhattan, New York. This is a huge deal that we partner up with. It will allows us to run a top indie label with our artist without having any commitment to a contract only with our publishing companies. Also partner up with a distribution company in Germany is also coming up huge for us. Our partnership with Shawn Sanders and Vance Ditto from NO LIMIT FOREVER RECORDS is also a huge as they been bringing alot of excellent artist to us. We are involved with some great people in the last few months. And that's all that we can say having top knowlegable people is the key having great success in this business. The Mervilton Records website will be up and running by the end of this coming week of April 13th. Right now we have a few websites from Promoting The Bands, T J C Communications Publishing BMI, TKL Enterprise Publishing ASCAP, Tradewind Studios and now soon Mervilton Records. If your a musician that is looking to have someone to pursuit your music career. Contact us or our A & R Rep's.


March 20 , 2013

Hi everyone it's been a while. Alot has happen in the past month. We recently partner up with a record label, 'Mervilton Records' from Manhattan, New York and very recently became an MTV partner. We also put together a goal for us to reach and sign 20 more artist for the rest of this year. Not to mention that we are going to move our operation from Boston to North Carolina to be closer to Nashville. One of the biggest music capitals in the world. We will be looking for artist in different types of genres. For us to promote, market and brand our company. We been growing slowly in different ways. Reaching new companies each month. And by having a small indie record label. We are going to reach new artist each and every month. We are all excited. Not to mention moving to a new area. Stay tuned for more news to come.


February 11 , 2013

Well it's that time of year. When we all get affected by bad weather especially in New England when we got hit pretty hard with a blizzard. Still there are some things that I would like to share with you. And came across a great topic. I think you find it very interesting.

Recently I came across bands as well solo artist that use Reverbnation
to sell their CDs as well using for touring information. When the truth is
that they don't have their own website. And here are some reason why they

1. It will drive people to buy more of your CDs, and Merchandise & Tour Information
2. Establish a special bond with your fans.
3. Having to do a special release before it hits iTunes, Reverbnation etc.
4. Offering constant updates on activities what the artist are doing.
5. Latest News on Recording, and pretain anything that might be going on.
6. Engaging with your subscribers all the times. Make it interesting.
7. Make it simple and short. Most of all be you.

With our company. We put all that together. A simple 1 page website with an
Auto-Responder, Unlimited Hosting. Free Song Download for an email address
that's huge especially for impressing major record labels. They like to know
that you have about 20,000-40,000 subscribers and know that you have a great gather
reaching out to the public on the internet.

Having a simple website to attract a lot of people can give you the edge
reaching the next level. And we have been working on using SEO, to reach
4 top search engines plus hundreds more.

Playing to all kinds of events. Making special cards to be giving out to
all your fans so that they can visit this one page website where they can
follow you. And have your website we a sales traffic funnel. Where you can send them valuable content. You have a great CD Album. Now you need to have something to bring it all together. That's where we come in. Visit our website we just arrived to give artist and bands the next competitive edge in music.


February 3 , 2013

I came across this week the topic that I heared online that I found it very interesting. Is why bands make mistakes by CD Baby and share some of my experiences as well. From making CDs, to promoting, marketing and branding your music.

Lets start off why bands have a website with about 5 pages to get attraction and have people sign up. You really need just 1 page.To cut down on the time that most users have to search on your website. Lately I joined with a recording artist that was under Warner Brothers and Interscope. And this person had came up with a great ideas. His name is John Oszajca. How to market and promote your music the right way. Like how most record labels are doing right now. This way you have more control on everything that you end up releasing. Instead of putting your songs everywhere. Having likes in Facebook is great or having people listening to your song in Reverbnation is also great. But you want to have something more powerful. And that is having an email address. That way you can do follow up emails to your subscribers. My company now does this 1 page website with autoresponders included. To know more about this just email us down below.

Other mistakes that bands does is to have a CD Release Party. Without having the CDs on hand. Sounds funny, but it does happen. Don't be in a rush, be patient. Take your time to do a release party. Just make sure everything is all set before you do it.. Manafactures often do the pressing in Los Angeles and sometimes they get behind behind schedule in their orders. It's the only opportunity that you will have to put something like this together until the next release.

Next is the recording. We hear about artist back in the 50's use to record in a few hours and made their album. Today everyone has great recording gear and there is no excuse for not having your album done perfectly. Take a little time to make sure everything gets done like it should. When mixing for a few hours. Leave the settings the way they are and come back later or the next day. You might find that the sounds are a little bit off. We often get ear saturation for time to time. Alot of musicians only have 4 tracks so they have to be very creative to get it just right. Top artist using have one person to do the mix and they might have an assistant just to give some feedback. And the mastering done at a different location. Having someone else to give you a different view on things, always helps.

Also alot of people put to much effort on their computer getting their material uploaded.That they spend less time playing. They worrying about the blogs, what an article are written about them or getting a bad reviews. Don't worry just focus on your music. Chances are that person that wrote that review. Might not be there six months later. Another thing is bands and solo artist try to sound like their favorite band. Don't focus on that just record what you want to sound in 6-9 months late. Chances are the sound that you liked from a different artist but not be there when your CD Album is released.

It's great to have goals. If you don't make these goals on time just continue where you left off. Don't get discourage. Just continue. I hope you found this interesting. Until the next time.


January 17 , 2013

This week I had looked at the reports that came out from Digital Music News outlines Warner Music Groups Financials from 2002-2012 by Finchy.


Warner Music Group

financial profits/losses, fiscal years 2002-2012 (as reported to the SEC).

2012: ―$190 million.

2011: ―$206 million.

2010: ―$143 million.

2009: ―$100 million.

2008: ―$56 million.

2007: ―$21 million.

2006: +$60 million.

2005: ―$169 million

2004: ―$1.422 million.

2003: ―$1.353 million

2002: ―$6.026 billion.

Total: ―$9.626 billion


All these losses are in the results from illegal downloads. CDs sales continue to go down in record numbers. Record companies are looking ways online how they can profit by doing joint ventures with other companies. Many artist are looking ways how they can market and promote themselves. It's not an easy task because they need to put one hat on as a marketer and promoter and one hat as a musician and it takes away their time doing promoting work. So the best alternative way is to either sign with a manager that is computer savvy or a music publisher that knows how to promote as a music publisher and as a marketer. The two combine are very important. There are so many intangibles of ways to market new artist. Also researching the best way to market. Our company looks the best way to deceit and analyze what works the best way and what doesn't. Read more about the publisher promoting and marketing down below. If you need help with mastering your songs visit our sister company. They provide great rates and 2 free song to be mastered. Their recordings according to some artist are very punchy and crispy.


Services for our Artist/Bands that are signed thru us

  • 20,000+ U.S. Radio Stations Song Promotional to Program Directors.
  • That includes Internat Radio, College, Public, Satellite and LIVE365, iHeart Radio

  • 1,000+ Digital Music Online Stores Worldwide.

  • 100's+ Music Supervisors for TV/Film/Video Games Promotion Opportunity Placement.

  • Submitting to Agents, Managers and top A&R Reps of Major Record Labels

  • Representing Artist to Soundexchange thru our Distribution Partner SUGO MUSIC GROUP.

  • Registering works to BDS/Soundscan - and Mediaone.

  • Promoting Artist to Social Media ex. Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.


CEO, President and Music Publisher: Tonito Ze


SVP, A&R Rep: Shawn Sanders


A&R Rep: Vance Ditto