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We are looking for established artist and bands, that are seeking to work with a music publisher to get their music out to the next level. Our terms and conditions of our agreement is a 50-50 mutual even split between with the artist. BMI sets the guidelines between writers and music publishers. Although we are offering the first and second year 75/25 spilt in favour of the artist. We will make sure that your songs are registered with BMI 50/50 and then on the back end we will give you half of our publishig share. and we will administer your songs, for you to receive royalties in different streams from top distribution companies like Believe Digital and SUGO MUSIC GROUP, We make sure that your material is out there. One of the things that we request is a checklist to put together a professional press kit'. If you don't have one we can furnish one for you. At no cost at all. Usually doing a Professional Press Kit is a value of $35 but we will do one for free. We will take care all it for free when you sign with us. And become your music agent and give you constant feedback to let you know what is going on with all the contacts that we do. Also we will present you with Soundexchange. We are in the process in hiring an administrator to take call of all of our royalties that we gather.There is no guarentee how much you will make but we will market and promote in a very professional manner and have monthly updates to what is going on.



Our publishing contract is a 5 year term. Where you must fulfill at least 2 years the other 3 years are option. So that it wiil automatically renews year by year. Until the publisher or writer agreeing to cancel their membership. At that time their copyrights of their works and publishing agreement will be removed from the system. Normally takes 3-5 months for BMI.



First we make sure the Writer is affiliated first with BMI. And then we will publish your worksl. Usually takes 2-4 weeks to receive a confirmation from BMI.

BMI will monitor all of your songs, any place that plays your works where people gather on the internet as well radio and clubs that are license to play music. That includes restaurants, grocery stores, cinema, planes and jukeboxes anywhere people gather. The company BMI collect royalites on behalf of the music publisher and the songwriter off the radio airplay, and several other internet companies such are license to play music such as iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, eMusic on the base of collecting royalties.



The term "mechanical royalties" initially referred to royalties paid whenever a song was reproduced by a mechanical device (remember that one of a copyright owner's exclusive rights is the right to authorize the reproduction of their work.). The term "mechanical royalties" is only apply to the reproduction of songs in on CD, DAT, audiocassette, flexi-disc, music greeting cards and other devices sold on a "per unit" basis.

The amount of money a record company must pay for a mechanical license is generally set by the Copyright Royalty Tribunal. This rate is sometimes referred to as "statutory" rate. To be under Mechanical Royalties you must be register with Harry Fox Agency. BMI does not support Mechanical Royalites.


Foreign countries sometimes have different laws governing the collection and distribution of mechanical royalties. As a result, it is often necessary for publishers to enter into agreements with a foreign publisher (or "subpublishers") to collect a songwriter's mechanical royalties in that territory. After the subpublisher takes a cut (anywhere from 15% to 25%) the rest of this foreign income is divided between the publisher and the songwriter according to their agreement. Alot of music publishers especially the smaller ones. Don't want to get involved with other countries because certain laws can restrict them from their normal practice. That's why it's best interest to be under Harry Fox Agency. Only music publishers can register works with Harry Fox Agency. They will be able to monitor the CD Sales to over 70 countries once you have a record deal with a third party. We are involved with a company based in Austria and Bulgaria that over sees royalties coming in from Europe. The royalties coming from Europe have been overwhelming of a ratio of 4:1. They provide statements every 6 months.


Whenever a song is used with a visual image, it is necessary to obtain a "synchronization" (or "synch") license permitting the use of that song. Music publishers issue synch licenses to television advertisers, motion picture companies, video manufacturers and CD-Rom companies. A portion of this money (usually 1/2 the net proceeds) is paid to the songwriter. We report this to BMI.


A copyright owner also has the exclusive right to authorize the "public performance" of that work. This is why radio and television broadcasters must enter into licenses with performance rights organizations such as BMI, ASCAP and SESAC. These performance rights organizations collect income on behalf of songwriters and music publishers whenever a song is publicly broadcast.

Even though music publishers do not collect this performance rights income, publishers remain entitled to 50% of the money received by BMI, ASCAP, SESAC and others. Publishers also register songs with these performance rights organizations.


Music publishers are usually generally most in signing established songwriters or recording artists who write their own material. However, some publishers may be willing to sign new songwriters or bands without a record deal. If a publisher believes an undiscovered artist will one day sell lots of hit records, they may help the artist record demos and assist in trying to land a major record deal. If the artist gets signed, the music publisher will hope to see a reward for its investment in the form of mechanical royalties, public performance royalties and other derivative income. A publisher may even be willing to contribute to tour support or provide extra promotions money in order to generate future publishing income from record sales and airplay.of connections thru the publisher will reflect on how successful a band can achieve.


The main reason is money. And having your song protected. Having someone to work on your behalf. Getting royalties on internet and radio airplay. Music publisher can advise the songwriter what are the best options when pursuiting on a major deal for the writer. In the other words. Music publishers become agents to the writer/artist. As well having certain rights that was mentioned above. The Writer in the end will make all the decisions to pursuit. We are here to work with the Writer/Artist/Band

The only thing that we do not get a percentage is if you sell your merchandise on your own. We do get a cut of CD sales if you sell it on your own. We do however get a cut on a CD digital format on our sites, and sites of our partners that are register by us. But if you sell on your own venues that's all yours. Any selling of merchandise that's yours. CD sales on our venues then we get half which would be 50%.

  • BMI publishers cannot represent ASCAP or SESAC writers
  • ASCAP or SESAC publishers cannot represent BMI writers
  • Combined writer and publisher shares cannot be greater than 200%
  • Total publisher shares cannot be greater than 100%
  • We have other available music publishers from ASCAP and SESAC affiliated with our company.



You can do the electronic filing yourself. Registering a work cost $35 per each song. Takes about 6-9 months to receive a confirmation by the The Copyright Office via mail.

The next best option for registering basic claims is the new fill-in Form CO, which replaces Forms TX, VA, PA, SE and SR. Using 2-D barcode scanning technology, the Office can process Form CO submissions (when properly completed by the submitter) more efficiently than paper forms. Simply complete Form CO on your personal computer, print it out, and mail it along with a check or money order and your deposit. The fee for basic registration on Form CO is $50. To fill out the form CO click on this link


To register your works electronically, click on the picture icon below:



For more information on the Copyright laws click here



If you are not a member of BMI, it cost nothing to join. BMI is a non-profit agency. Once you become a member, there are many resources that will be available to you to help further you along in your music career.


If you already are a member you can contact us for us to publish your works and promote you. We are looking at a start before Christmas. To launch our site.

To register for free with BMI as a Writer.. Just click on this link.





Contact us if you need a music publisher to represent you. We'll take care of it right away.

Become your music agent. We are registered with the Music Publishing Association.


Video Presentation on BMI, ASCAP and SESAC on Mechanicial Royalties





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